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There are many ways in which a psychic can use their ability to give you answers about your future. At Cheap Psychic Line, you can speak all sorts of specialists; the list of psychics we have on the phone at any given time is extensive, and any one of them can give you the answers you seek. That said, if you want to connect with a psychic who will bond with you on the deepest level, you should reach out to our clairsentients or clairempaths. While empaths and clairsentient psychics are very similar, how their abilities work are quite different.

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A clairsentient is a psychic who can sense the emotional energy around them; if you’re in the presence of one of these psychics or connected to them via other means, they will pick up on your emotions. When you’re speaking with a clear-feeling psychic, they will know exactly what emotions you’re experiencing. Due to the fact that these readers know what you’re going through, the readings they give are extremely sensitive.

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Much like a clairsentient, a clairempath is also able to tap into emotional energy; that said, empaths don’t just sense the emotions that flow through them, they experience these emotions as if they were their own. Some empaths can sometimes feel the physical ailments of the person they’re connected to which is why future readings can be quite demanding for them.

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Both of these psychics have to protect themselves if they don’t want to be overrun by a sea of emotions. In order to maintain a sense of balance, these readers will mediate and use sage to clear their auras on a regular basis. Using crystals and chants is also something that these sensitive psychics practice in order to stay on top of their game. To give the best and most insightful readings, it’s vital for these sensitive psychics to be neutral at all times while working with the energy of others.

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The sensitive psychics we have on our cheap phone service is recognised as the best in the business. It goes without saying that these readers are highly sought after by those who want predictions that involve their love life. If you’re going through something you find to be emotionally draining, speaking with our clear-feeling psychics online is a great way to connect with someone who understands what you’re going through. Our low-cost psychic line is open day and night, so whenever you’re in need, know that our loving psychic family is here for you.

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