Real Psychics Vs TV Psychics

Mediumship Readings on TV

When you’re watching a psychic work their magic on TV, it’s hard to know how genuine they are, you may even question how real the audience is that’s watching. While genuine psychics are present on TV, you should be wary of those who rely on gimmicks and trickery to give future readings. On that note, it’s important to keep in mind that while a psychic may be genuine, they may still exaggerate their abilities for the sake of entertainment.

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A good example of this is when you see a psychic delivering a mediumship reading; during their reading, you may see flickering lights, shaking tables, or hear various bangs/spiritual noises. While these things can happen during a mediumship session, they are not that common, this is something you should keep in mind whenever you’re getting a reading for yourself too.

Are Psychics on TV Genuine?

Even when a genuine psychic is giving a reading on TV, they may not tell the complete story of what they see in someone’s future. When/if a psychic withholds the truth on prime-time TV, it’s not because they’re willingly being deceitful, instead, there are various rules in place that limit what can and can’t be said. A psychic who can perform readings in front of a large audience must be extremely skilled because they will be standing in the midst of various energies. In order to give a valuable reading in a busy setting, a psychic must be able to sort through all the noise so they can get to the real message(s). That said, a fake psychic can use a large audience as a smokescreen because no matter what they say, there’s sure to be someone in the audience who can relate to the words they speak.

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When you’re watching a psychic reading on TV that’s not being broadcast live, you must keep in mind that what you’re seeing has been heavily edited. With enough footage, it’s not difficult to make a fake/poor psychic look like they know what they’re doing. Good editing can make poor psychics look good and good psychics look excellent; with good lighting, music, and direction, a broadcaster can make a psychic reading look like it’s not of this world. What may have originally been a 2-hour reading, can be cut down to 15 minutes with only the best/most impactful moments being kept. While there are genuine psychics on TV, keep in mind that there are things that go on behind the scenes that you will never be privy to.

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