How to Get Through a Psychic Attack

Understanding Dark Energy

If you’re unfamiliar with the term ‘psychic attack,’ it can be unnerving, however, once you get an understanding of it, you’ll see that there’s nothing to be afraid of; understanding dark/negative is your first step in overcoming this powerful force.

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When harmful energy enters your life, it does so via one of two ways, deliberately or by accident. Being cursed by mistake usually occurs when someone has been thinking about you in a negative light for an extended period time. If you have done wrong to someone in the past, fallen out with a friend, relative, or lover, it’s possible that they’ve pointed negative energy in your direction. One of the best ways to stop this from happening is by treating the people in your life with dignity and kindness. It’s often the case that the people you’ve hurt never wanted to cast a psychic attack on you, but once it’s out there, negative energy can be hard to contain.

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When you find yourself under a psychic attack on purpose, it’s usually when someone cast a spell using black/voodoo magic. That said, attacks like this are rare as very few people have the ability to conduct them.

How to Beat Negative Energy

If you want to get through a psychic attack, you should remain calm at all times so you can figure out when, why, or how this dark energy made its way into your life. A reiki healer can trace negative energy to its source so you can make amends with the person you wronged. Making amends will aid in the prevention of future psychic attacks; a reiki healer will also cast their own protection spells in order to keep you safe. Surrounding yourself with positive, loving people will also create a barrier that will protect you from unwelcomed sources.

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